Military/Veterans Resource Center

The premise of this campaign, and the entire “Selfie With A Soldier” site, is dedicated to you, our service members and veterans. But we wanted to do more than just thank and recognize you.

Beyond awareness, our mission is to help, support, aid and provide you with resources to help you in your civilian life. We want to provide you with better access to organizations that are dedicated to the following:

  • Reintegration - helping with your acclimation back into the civilian world.
  • Workforce Readiness - providing you with the tools and experts to help you better prepare for civilian careers. Our resources can help you with resume development, military experience translation, interviewing skills, closing skills gaps and job search strategies.
  • Employment Opportunities – finding the right job fit and company for you. There are many companies standing by ready to provide you the opportunities for your next mission in life!

Thank You For Your Service

Let Us Be Of Service To You

Reintegration to Civilian Life

We understand that after serving our country, the reintegration and acclimation back into civilian life can be tough. We want to help!

Work Force Readiness

As you settle back into civilian life, we want to help prepare you for your next “mission” - your career.

Employment Opportunities

We want introduce you to the organizations that can help you connect to those companies looking to hire military members and veterans.